Aino Minako was the present-day incarnation of Sailor Venus and civilian identity of Sailor V. She appeared in all of the versions of Sailor Moon.

Personality: Anime, Manga and Live ActionEdit

Sailor venus aino minako-12552

Minako as seen in the anime

Aino Minako in the anime was a cheery girl much like Usagi Tsukino but less clumsy,she had her silly billy ways she always said Usagi as her make up partner. But in the Live Action series she was serious and had her rival Rei Hino but their is a feature that the manga nor anime had: She was an Idol! Usagi was over the moon when she hears her songs but she had been hit by lorry and have this problem and kept goig to hospital when she faint and in the Manga it is shown Minako serious side was shown,but she still had fun with them. Not like the live action! Also in the anime ONLY there was a feature when she told them about her life in England (she only stayed there for a year! ^o^) she had a boyfriend Alan and a friend Katerina, Alan grew fond of Katerina because they thought Sailor V was dead. So thats why Minako can speak English florishly as shown in Episode 108.

In the anime, Minako was a very silly character at times, but she could be more serious; this was especially true in the first season in general, and specifically in episodes 42, 100 and 109 (where in she worried that she did not have a Pure Heart and tried to prove she was pure hearted in some very bizzare ways). She was also infamous for using mixed up proverbs in the anime, and sometimes referred to herself as "The Goddess of Love," a title which she used to try to solve others' love woes.

Pretty Guardian Sailor MoonEdit

Live action Minako was more serious than the manga or anime Minako.This was not surprising, because even though she presented a cheerful image for the public, Minako was constantly living a demanding double life, first as Sailor V, then as Sailor Venus. Her life as an Idol meant that she was isolated from the general public, and she seemed to have no parents; the only constant people in her life were Artimus and Her Manager.As a result, she was more mature than most girls of her own age, and found Usagi rather irritating upon first meeting her (a complete contrast from their easy relationship in the manga and anime). However, on further contact, Minako warmed to Usagi's friendliness and open nature (and often protected Usagi from Mio Kuroki in later episodes)

She had most contact with Rei Hino, since she trained her to be the leader in her absence. Minako had high standards and was constantly challenging Rei and giving her unusual tasks. At first, Rei was both irritated and puzzled by Minako's behavior. Gradually, however, they developed respect and friendship for each other. Minako was completely dedicated to her mission and was determined to accomplish her goals. This led to her making some desperate measures, such as working with Zoisite to to erase Usagi's memory of Mamoru.


In the musicals,Minako's character wasn't very Important,but anyway she was much like her anime self,over loud,a little obsessive, and slightly perverted. She was always true to her mission as a Senshi, however, and would do what was necessary to protect her friends.


Minako has a mother (Mrs Aino) and father (Mr Aino) who appeared in Codename:Sailor V, her mother looked like Iluko Tsukino, but she always shouting at Minako This in itself might not have been too bad, but she was shown to be dissatisfied with her life as a housewife and complained about her husband for being pathetic and not earning enough money. Minako's father was much quieter and tended to give in to his wife. In the third Exam Battle story in the Sailor Moon Manga Minako listed her mother as one of her dislikes, complete with an illustration of her yelling.

Her family was never mentioned in any other incarnation of the series, and in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, it was implied that she was living alone. In the story Parallel Sailor Moon she was married to an assistant director for a sitcom and had one child, Mina, who was also a Senshi.

Personal lifeEdit

In the anime and manga, Minako wore a different school uniform from the other Inner Senshi while they were in middle school because she went to school in Shiba Koen instead of Azabu Juuban. But this changed in Sailor Stars ark of the manga and anime she went to the same high school as them.


Live -action Minako was an idol singer with an unclear medical condition that was slowly killing her. She dedicated the remainder of her life to being a Senshi and following the mission of her past life, since once Minako died she expected she would be reborn in another form. She first appeared as Sailor V, then in a variation of her Sailor Venus costume as the presumed princess (acting as Princess Serenity's Decoy),and finally as Sailor Venus herself.


In the manga, her hobby was given as "chasing after idols," and in both the anime and manga, she loved to follow different celebrities; in "Parallel Sailor Moon," she even took her daughter with her as sort of a "field trip." Many of the enemies' plots were foiled just by her being a groupie. Her anime profile listed Minako's hobby as "messing around" or "wasting time." She was also athletic and enjoyed playing volleyball.

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