Cyprine(Left) and Ptilol(Right)

Ptilol and Cyprine were the fifth member of the Witches 5 to appear in Sailor Moon S. According to the Materials Collection, the two of them were one twin, but when they fought Ptilol would split away from Cyprine.


In the manga, Cyprine and Ptilol were summoned by Kaolinite to kill the Sailor Team. After an unsuccessful attack on Haruka Tenou, the two used their powers to manipulate the feelings of the Senshi into attacking each other. They were finally killed by Super Sailor Moon with her Rainbow Moon Heart Ache attack.

She was ranked at Level 999.


659696-5834927-Ptilol A4(rs)

Ptilol as seen in the anime

Ptilol and Cyprine first appeared in episode 123 of the anime, and claimed to be the strongest of the Witches 5. Indeed, the Sailor Senshi had a difficult battle against them because when one witch absorbed an incoming attack, the other would fire an attack of her own. When they absorbed any attack with their magic staffs, their own magical powers would increase. The Senshi only managed to destroy them by tricking the two into firing their attacks at each other.


  • Ptilol's name comes from the mineral ptilolite, which could refer to either clinoptilolite or mordenite.
  • Ptilol was the only Witch who never appeared in a civilian form in the anime, and the only one who never appeared in the musicals.