Sailor Star Maker

Sailor Star Maker was one of the Sailor Starlights, who came to Earth under the guise of  Taiki Kou


In the manga, Sailor Star Maker disguised herself as the male idol Taiki Kou in order to search for Princess Kakyuu, but remained physically female.



  • Maker Star Power Make Up - Taiki used this command to transform into Sailor Star Maker.


  • Star Gentle Uterus- Star Maker's only known attack. It was an offensive attack that cast multiple balls of light at an enemy and harmed them. In the TokyoPop manga, it was renamed "Star Gentle Creator."


  • Sailor Star Maker's sailor fuku was, like all the Sailor Starlights' sailor fuku, very different from the ones worn by the Solar System Senshi The Starlights' sailor fuku were navy blue two-piece outfits made up of a bikini-like top which had a winged star brooch in its center and a sailor collar attached, and hotpants. They all wore over-the-knee boots and long gloves that went well above the elbow. They all wore beaded tiaras which had a five-pointed star in the center, and two beaded belts on their waist which appeared to be fastened by one single five-pointed star belt buckle. All the Starlights wore golden star earrings. Sailor Star Maker's primary color was navy blue and her secondary color was violet. Around her neck were three studded dog collars and on her upper arms were a pair of arm protectors.

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